Committee of Activities

The Committee of Activities is tasked with organising almost all activities that take place each academic year. This means that the Committee of Activities is not only responsible for the fun activities such as parties, movie nights and cooking workshops, but also for educational activities such as lectures and trips to China-related museums.

As a member of the Committee of Activities you will gather twice every month to discuss upcoming activities, at which moment you can input your own ideas. There are many things to discuss, organise, and put together, such as the themes of the parties, the decoration of activities, which movies to show, or what a guest lecturer will talk about. Each member of the committee is assigned a task, and it is expected that you will be active both during the preparation and the execution of an activity.

Joining the committee isn’t onl very fun, it is also a good way to develop and to meet new people. As a member of the committee you have the opportunity to decide what your time with the Leiden Sinology Student Association will look like!

Want to join the committee?

Do you want to join the committee? Send an email to with your name, grade, email address and telephone number.
We hope to see you soon!

Mischa van der Horst

Commissioner of Activities 2016-2017