Welcome to the Leiden Sinology Student Association

The Sinology Student Association acts on the interests of Chinastudies students at Leiden University. The student association was founded in 1978, and our goals are to assist our members during their academic careers, to increase interaction between the students and to represent our students to external parties.

De bachelor Chinastudies and master Chinese Studies at Leiden University are broad majors that introduce students to all aspects of China. Not only do students learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, they also study China’s history, philosophy, economy, culture and much more. Students are taught by some of the best teachers in the field, as well as by foreign exchange teachers from China or Taiwan. All students are required to spend some time in China or Taiwan to get firsthand experience speaking the language and immersing in the culture.

Our association assists students by providing lectures, a language partner program and the annual Careerdays. We also organise parties, a ball, an annual trip to a foreign country, and other activities to ensure that our members form close bonds and have a great time studying Chinese.

Are you (going to be) studying Chinastudies and are you interested in what our association has to offer you? Click here for more information:

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