Commitee of External Affairs

The committee of external affairs is tasked with maintaining and solidifying the network of the Leiden Sinology Student Association. This network is composed of a multitude of organisations, companies, academics, and other people of interest. The committee of external affairs performs this task under the leadership of the commissioner of external affairs.

Maintaining a strong network is very important for student associations, because a strong network allows for both more career opportunities for members, and a mutually beneficial relationship with our contacts. Members of this committee can improve their communication skills and expand their own network, although a motivated attitude and dedication are expected.

Another task the committee of external affairs has is setting up the annual Careerdays in the second term, during which members of our association are introduced to a plethora of career paths. This event has been a great success the past few years and we are making sure that this trend will continue in the future. In addition the committee also provides educational activities, such as lectures and workshops.

Finally, the committee of external affairs is also responsible for the SVS Merchandise, such as sweaters, socks and totebags.

Want to join?

Are you interested in joining this committee? Send an email to with your personal information (at the very least your name, email address and telephone number) and a short text explaining your motivation!

Jan Lelieveld

Commissioner of External Affairs 2023-2024