KMK (newspaper) Committee

The KMK committee is part of the communications department within the SVS. The KMK committee is responsible for publishing the Krant met Karakter (Newspaper with Character) four times each year.

As a member of the committee you will among other things, report on activities, conduct interviews, write reviews and collect the best photos and the most memorable quotes. You will also have meeting a few times to discuss the next edition of the KMK and review the last. New ideas and a critical eye are greatly appreciated.

Being a member is not only fun, but also a good way to improve your writing skills and meet new people. Of course not only writers, but also other creative people are welcome to join the committee. We need members who are adept with graphic design or who enjoy drawing and photographing.

Click here to view previous editions (the newspaper is in Dutch) .

Want to join?

Would you like to join the KMK committee? Send an email to with your personal information (name, email address and telephone number) and a short motivation letter.

Thom van der Heide

Commissioner of Communication 2023-2024