Member of SVS


Friend of SVS

Being a member of  Leiden Sinology Student Association has a lot of advantages and is very fun! For only €60 you can enjoy all of these perks:

  • You will be kept up-to-date with all activities through our newsletter and our Facebook page
  • Among these activities are things like parties, dinners, movienights, workshops and more!
  • You will get a discount on all of these activities (if they weren’t free of charge already)
  • You will get a discount on the books you need for your bachelor Chinastudies at Leiden University
  • You can come to our freshman camp with a discount!
  • You can go on our annual trip to a foreign country, the last three destinations of which have been Moscow, Berlin and Beijing!
  • You can join one of our committees or even apply for a position on our board and expand your organizational skills
  • You will become part of a diverse student association with amazing members, never a dull moment!









Looking to become Friend of SVS? Awesome! You can sign up on this page.
Friend of SVS is only available for students of studies other than China Studies but still want to participate in SVS activities.

Friend of SVS gives you access to all SVS activities, among which:

  • Parties
  • Workshops
  • Movie nights
  • Lectures
  • Our Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP)
  • Language courses
  • A grand ball
  • Dinners
  • Museum trips
  • And much more…

This type of membership is especially aimed at:

  • Chinese students and other international students
  • China Studies minor students and Asian Studies master students
  • Students of studies other than Chinastudies but whose interests lie in Chinese culture, history, art, society etc.
  • Anyone else interested in participating in SVS activities

A Friend of SVS membership requires a singel payement of €15,- and is valid for one academic year; up till August 31st, 2020.
Note: A Friend of SVS membership will not grant you access to our book discount.