Become SVS-member

Member of SVS

Being a member of  Leiden Sinology Student Association has a lot of advantages and is very fun! For only €60 you can enjoy all of these perks:

  • You will be kept up-to-date with all activities through our newsletter and our Facebook page
  • Among these activities are things like parties, dinners, movienights, workshops and more!
  • You will get a discount on all of these activities (if they weren’t free of charge already)
  • You will get a discount on the books you need for your bachelor Chinastudies at Leiden University
  • You can come to our freshman camp with a discount!
  • You can go on our annual trip to a foreign country, the last three destinations of which have been Budapest, Berlin and Beijing!
  • You can make use of certain benefits at Xiamen Airlines Amsterdam Office.
  • You can join one of our committees or even apply for a position on our board and expand your organizational skills
  • You will become part of a diverse student association with amazing members, never a dull moment!