Become SVS-member

Dear future SVS-member,

So lovely that you want to become a member of the Studyassociation of Sinology! By joining our association you can enjoy a lot of benefits and it is guaranteed that you will have a fun time studying.

New members
The SVS asks their new* members for an annual contribution of €20,-. For your first year you will pay this during the registering procedure. After this you will receive a payment reminder email around April, which will remind you of the automatic renewal of your membership for the next study-year and the respective €20,- contribution. 

Cancellation of your subscription
Would you like to cancel your subscription at the SVS, then you can do this by sending an email to with your full name, IBAN and (optional) your reasons for cancellation. WARNING! Your cancellation of your subscription and refund of the paid contribution can only be done between the moment of the depreciation from your bank account until the 1st of September. This means that you can still cancel your subscription as a new member from the moment of registration up until the official start of a study year (September 1st). As an existing member, you can cancel your subscription at any time for the next year, assuming the direct debit hasn’t been carried out. When the direct debit for the next year is paid, then it is just as before possible to ask for cancellation and a refund if this is requested before the official start of the new study year (September 1st). 


  • You will get the latest news on all our activities via our weekly newsletter.
  • You get a discount and priority for joining our first year students-camp of Chinastudies!
  • You can become a member of a SVS-commission or even apply for SVS-board, thus expanding your organizational skills. 
  • You get a discount on the books for the Bachelor Chinastudies from Leiden University.
  • You get a discount and priority on all our activities, these include parties, readings, dinners, workshops, movienights, etc.
  • You get to join us as an SVS-member on our annual trip. Some years the association went to Budapest, Berlin, Prague, and Paris!
  • You get benefits at the Xiamen Airlines Amsterdam Office.
  • You as a SVS-member can enjoy multiple discounts at different cafes in Leiden (&Tea Leiden, Two Cups, M Noodlebar).
  • You get to be part of a mixed association with fun members, and there is never a boring moment!

*New regulation regarding contribution:
In the study year 2022-2023 the SVS starts with a new regulation regarding the contribution. Formerly, a member would apply themselves for the entirety of their Chinastudies Bachelor period (3 years) in one single payment of €60,-. To get a better overview of our (active) members, it was decided to change this regulation to an annual contribution of €20,-. Thus, as a new SVS-member, there won’t be a difference between your total contribution over your Bachelor years and you have the choice to not be a member every year. For SVS-members who have joined the association in the study year 2021-2022 and before, there won’t be any change. This new regulation will only apply for those registering from the study year of 2022-2023 and onwards.